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This pack contains music tracks especially made for fantasy, adventure, RPG or medieval games.

It includes several loopable tracks destined for many situations such as: village, alchemist's laboratory, meadow, desert, snow/winter, tavern, holy chant, lullaby, shrine, tribe, cave, foggy forest, action and boss.

It also contains short music tracks for positive, neutral and negative events – like victory fanfares, items found, and game over.


• there are 3 action loops (Adrenaline Blasts) in 3 versions each, accordingly to different intensity levels, totalizing 9 unique tracks;

• there are 6 positive events tracks, 6 negative, and 4 neutral, in 3 versions each (2 versions for the neutral events), accordingly to different intensity levels, totalizing 44 unique tracks;

• all files are stereo, 44.1 kHz, 16 bit, in both WAV and OGG (smaller).


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Loopable tracks list:
- A Hidden Tavern [2:00]

- The Wizard's Hut [1:30]

- Talking to the Peasants (Part I) [1:30]

- In the Shrine [1:30]

- Hallowed Place [3:00]

- Unfriendly Encounter [2:30]

- Talking to the Peasants (Part II) [2:00]

- Moonlight Lullaby [2:00]

- Dark Fog [1:30]

- Visiting the Tribe [1:30]

- By the Meadow [2:00]

- Subterranean Maze [1:30]

- Secret Oasis [2:00]

- Wintertime Venture [2:00]

Action loops*:

- Adrenaline Blasts 1 [1:00]

- Adrenaline Blasts 2 [1:00]

- Adrenaline Blasts 3 [1:00]

*In 3 versions each, so it's a total of 9 minutes of content.


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